About Jay Hershberger

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Jay Hershberger is a blogger, musician, teacher, and college professor. In addition to his primary occupation as professor of piano at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, he is also president of the American Liszt Society. His interests include reading and writing about culture, literature, music, politics, and religion. He and his wife, writer Cindy Hershberger live on 12 acres outside of Hitterdal, MN. They have four children and 2 grandchildren. Jay pays his bills by teaching piano, music history, and introduction to the liberal arts at Concordia College. He real passion, however, is thinking, reading, and writing about permanent things, playing classical music at the piano, and working as director of music at the Cathedral of St. Mary in Fargo, ND. Jay is a practicing Catholic, which is why his blogging tends to come from the margins. He stubbornly believes that Aquinas is still right: reality is real and can be known by everyone. In his spare time, he likes to watch TV dramas and movies, and chases after chickens and a temperamental appaloosa named Max.